Basically it's WholeNut diet, my second week on Whole30

Welcome Back!

Look at me go; basically a second week in a row posting (kindof a record for me recently lol). Actually that is super embarrassing to say, but here we are slowly making progress. Currently when I’m typing this I am on day #19 of Whole30 which, good news, I am more than halfway done. Although I am excited that I have made it this far, it has not been the easiest. This week, my Whole30 beginning high wore off and I was facing the tougher reality of going through this diet. Along with that, this is probably the most stressed I have been about school in a while. To sum up, by next Thursday, I need to have my rough draft of my examination packet ready which includes 6 essays, outlines and annotated bibliographies. So along with feeling constantly hungry, I am constantly writing essays. Oh and don’t forget, I’m also studying Java and that has weekly homework due and those cannot be done in an hour. Some of my downfalls this week are not all physical but the reality of doing this diet.

Constantly doing dishes

 Most of the time, you have to make your own meals and rarely is anything microwave ready or prepackaged. So, I spend time making the food, a quick second eating the food, and then, it is all the dishes afterwards. Note, usually the time the food is cooking I’m doing dishes from beforehand so I’m continuously washing dishes.

Lol I wish my dishes looked that pretty in the sink.

Lol I wish my dishes looked that pretty in the sink.


Basically, it’s the WholeNut diet

 Finding snacks is not the easiest especially when it is encouraged not to eat fruit (due to the amount of sugar). Therefore, most of the time I’m eating nuts. I found that they are easy to eat and they keep me full most of the time. Also, I have been eating only nuts and treating myself for dried foods once in a while. However, I’m over spending $10 on one bag of snacks.

I’m Always Hungry!

I’m so over being hungry all the time. I snack and then I’m hungry 15 minutes later. Then I drink water to suppress the hunger and then I need to pee. It’s an endless cycle of eating and peeing (cute, I know).

 Odd cravings

Not gonna lie, all I think about is ground beef and hard boiled eggs. Before the diet, I hate hard boiled eggs. The smell always yucked me out, but now I crave food that it would make me full. Ground beef I like the texture and flavor. Would I still be obsessed with it like I was during whole30, we will see.

Ok I get it, I was the one that put myself through this diet. Some people may ask “why don’t you quit? You aren’t doing it to lose weight.” Which is entirely true, it’s not for the weight loss and there have been multiple times that I want to quit. However, I’m the type of person who won’t quit and will push herself through till the end. I know its terrible now, but at least once it’s done, I can confidently say, I did it! It feels great to be working hard towards something, especially when I thought I would never be able to do it. I always proclaimed to be a sugar loving carbivore, but I managed to go 19 days without having any sugar or a bite of anything grains related. Hopefully by next week, I will be in a better, positive mood about the whole thing. But for now, I need to get back to writing another essay and enjoy my black coffee. See you next week!