Whole30 Week 1

Hello Readers,

So long time no chat. I hope life is going well for everybody. So on February 15, I decided to commit to the Whole30 diet. Whole30 is a diet that eliminates “trigger foods” (i.e. sugars, grains, etc) in order to recalibrate the body. I used this website here to figure out what I can or cannot eat. I didn’t do it for weight loss, but for the honest curiosity of what would it feel like to eliminate these foods for the next 30 days. So far I have completed a full week of Whole30 and these are my notes so far.

Physical notes

            I was EXHAUSTED between days 2-4 and constantly hungry. The constant hunger could be because I spent most of the day home studying and to distract myself, I like to snack. However, by day 5 my body cooperated with me and I’m not as ravenous as I was earlier. The good news is after this week my abs are definitely becoming more defined! Below are my week 1 photos and I’m feeling pretty good.

Yay more defined abs!

Yay more defined abs!

Victory Meals of the day

Salmon with Rosemary potatoes

            One of my favorite meals of the week. Typically, I don’t like making salmon at home because it never turns out the way I want it to. This time though, I made a delicious salmon and it didn’t make my instant pot stinky. Also because I was limited on what I could eat, I actually finished all of the salmon without it going to waste


My breakfasts

            I love the egg, sausage and sweet potato combo I’ve been creating on the weekends.The chicken sausages from TJ’s are great (especially the spicy Italian one) and I would definitely be down to try others.


Meal fails of the week

            First, I did not pay attention when I purchased my RX bars. I was having a hard time finding them at TJs so, when I did finally find them, I blindly grabbed three. As a result, I have 3 bars with PEANUTS IN THEM! Boo, I will have to wait until after whole30.

            Never, ever bring shrimp on my longest days. On Wednesdays, I’m at my work by 5:45 AM (mhhm you read that right) and I don’t come home until 11:00 PM (school and my once a week social life). I was excited because I made shrimp, cauliflower rice, with sautéed asparagus and tomatoes. Idealistically, it would be a great meal, but by 6:00 AM I could smell the shrimp in my bag. I love fish but hate the smell, so I was very self-conscious of my lunch all day.

What do I miss so far.

            Even though I have a low-key sugar addiction and a CARBIVORE, I haven’t had bad sugar cravings. It could be because I consume dates for dessert and it satisfies my sweet tooth

            I am missing cheese though! I miss being able to add it to my eggs. I try to add flavor to my eggs with chipotle salsa or tabasco, but it is not the same.


Random thought…

            I can’t imagine vegetarians let alone Vegans doing this diet! I rely so much on meat to have fuel so I’m not sure what they use for their energy source. If you are one and have experienced this diet, let me know in the comments below what you ate.



            My bestie is also on Whole30 and she sent me a plethora of recipes to try! I’m hoping to try some of them out this week!



            So far so good! I mean it’s only been a week, so I am not expecting magnificent results, but I am satisfied with what I’m seeing so far. I appreciate not feeling bloated and I love seeing how flat my stomach looks.  These are my notes so far and it would be interesting to see how the following goes. Till next time.