How to Drink and Study

Hello Readers,


Hello Readers,

I hope you enjoyed my thumbnail, that was me at SF Brunch Con which totally, 10/10 would recommend.

Good news, I have been having back-to-back interviews for internships and part-time jobs yay! Finally, the universe heard my requests loud and clear. However, I still have multiple papers and projects due the next three weeks ahh!!! I want to relax, but I still have work to do. Attempting to combine both, here is how I study, but keep a buzz going.

****Disclaimer: Yes, I am drinking a cheap $5 white Zinfandel while writing this. Please don't attack me for any possible grammar/style mistakes I make or my preference for cheap ass wine***

1. Purchase yourself cheap alcohol

If you are reading this, I am assuming that you are a student and you are poor (if you have mommy and daddy buying alcohol for you, I hate you). Therefore for solo study nights, don't go hurting your budget for expensive booze that you are drinking by yourself without others enviously looking at your bougie-ness****

****clarifications on the first rule: if you are having the absolute shittiest day in the universe, then go treat yourself with that fancy-ass wine. I won't judge.

2. Slow and Steady Sips

Remember, you are still trying to be a productive human being. This is not the time to drink so much that you don't do any work and you have a nasty hangover. We are trying to prove to our enemies that we can still do great in school with a glass of rosé in our hand.

3. Have snacks

Did you know you can burn 10 calories per hour by studying!? Then, that is not even counting the steps you have to take to get to the fridge to get the wine, come back, sit down, open drink, pour the drink, then sip and study. That practically sounds like a workout to me. Therefore, have an easy snack next to you to enjoy the deliciousness of the drink. Plus, like partying, it is never good to drink on an empty stomach so don't even try with studying.

4. Write Drunk, Edit Sober

Or something like that. No, this is not my quote; it was a quote that everyone thought Ernest Hemingway once said, but there is no historical proof he actually did. However, there is some truth when I say it. Drink when its the time to get creative or you have some time to drunk study. When it is not appropriate: when proofreading a final paper due in 3 hours or cramming 10+ chapters. Trust me, I've tried and I promise you, you were better off chugging coffee and getting that caffeinated boost. Try to enjoy your mundane task of studying by drinking, not cramming. Also, seriously, edit sober! Your tipsy brain will thank you.

Well, I'm halfway done with my wine and I still have some work to do. I hope I was a nice distraction from any task you're obviously trying to avoid. Make sure to follow my TWO Instagram accounts: @studyinginheels for any posts about this blog or my graduate school career and my @paxtonsf for anything San Francisco based. 

Happy Studying/Drinking/Whatever you cool readers like to do on a Saturday night.