Staying Present

I was about to cancel my subscription to Squarespace because I felt like this site wasn’t me anymore.

So why did I keep my website? First off, I wouldn’t get a refund because I didn’t cancel quickly enough and I didn’t want to lose $144 dollars (That is basically half my paycheck right now.) However, after going through a remarkable experience at my Landmark Forum last weekend, there is a new motto I follow, staying present. Staying present for me is being in the moment now where I am not sad about my past or worried about my future.

Staying present for me has been remarkable; My workouts have improved and I have a lot less anxiety and anger than I used to in the past. Therefore, as promised, I am creating the possibility of being present in my blog. Often, I fear writing on here because I was worried that my writing will be crap, or nobody will care about my blog post topics.

However, when I created this blog, I was creating a space where I can practice my writing and express my creativity. I have to continue practicing my creativity and not fear what other people think. At the end of the day, it is my life, my decisions, my work; people are going to love, hate or be indifferent about my work. I know I will continue improving on my act of being present and improving my craft. To those who read my blog for the first time welcome. To my veteran readers, thank you for sticking with me through my journey. If my readers can receive one take-away from this post, I hope they too practice staying present <3.

Thank you for being patient with me as I try to figure out what I am doing not just with my webpage, but with life in general. Opting to not continue a career in museum studies has altered my perspective on life and myself. I get fearful of my new present path, I fear that it is not going to work out or worse I am going to be more lost than I was these past 5 months. Yet, I am excited about life again. I have a sense of freedom of following whatever I want to do. I gave up my anxiety on following one path and I get chose to look at multiple options. The thumbnail I chose for this post resonates with me. I can finally be at peace with myself because I know what I am doing is authentic about myself and possibilities will come to me soon <3.