I Created a Youtube Channel?!

Yes as the name explains, I created a Youtube Channel! I'm actually extremely nervous posting this. I have always wanted to create a Youtube channel and now that I have a camera, I believe this will be the perfect opportunity.

The Youtube channel will focus on my life in San Francisco and the city itself. The first video I posted was a basic video of my bedroom tour. For future videos, I hope to expand beyond the bedroom and do more videos of the city, more specifically each district. Then to correlate with my blog, I was thinking about doing some videos about my schooling and if we are lucky some grad school vlogs because that is what everybody wants.

Overall, thank you to the people who come check out my blog and my Instagram. My following and page visits are small, but I truly appreciate each visit and comment I receive on this site. This past week has been rough with some personal family issues, but I want to continue to be a huge support for my family while releasing my creative works to the world. Happy January and cheers to figuring out how the heck to use iMovie.



P.S. Yes I will have a real post coming out soon! I'm editing it at this moment.

youtube: Paxton K

Instagram: @studyinginheels