My day at the Women's March- San Francisco

****DISCLAIMER: The photos are mine, but the posters are not. Everybody has their reason to march whether it is about politics, sexual assault, equality, etc. etc. The post is about my personal experience at the march and what I got out of it. Everyone has their own story and let's stay positive and supportive of one another <3***

How is it that every time I have an idea in mind of what I'm going to write, I always, at last minute, change my mind!

January 20, 2018, my day completely altered. I was starting off my day in a relatively bad mood and feeling  alone in my apartment. Therefore, I hopped on Bart and hoped to find a local cafe a couple a stops away from my base. However, as I was waiting, I noticed women of all ages proudly wearing the iconic pink hats. I looked down at my camera and I knew I had to go follow the crowd. Fortunately, I was wearing pink heart sunglasses, so I felt I was relatively dressed accordingly.

The March was January 20, 2018.

The March was January 20, 2018.

Once I hopped off Bart at the Civic Center, I joined the sea of feminist posters and eager women. The atmosphere of the march was strong with hope, anxiety, anger, fear, and passion. The usual city smells and the noise disappeared as I meekly joined. I was at first nervous because I was alone on this woman-powered walk and I had no friend support. In reality, I realized I was not alone. I was surrounded by like-minded men and women who wanted a change in society. As I was slowly welcomed into the walk, I started taking photos of the inspiring posters.


On the other hand, one thing I learned quickly was I totally brought the wrong bag for a protest.  A quick note for someone who wants to attend a protest, don't bring a huge bag. Since I originally thought I was going to a cafe I brought my book, journal, water bottle, big wallet, and my camera. From my experience of summer study abroad, you should never bring a big bag into populated city areas. I'm happy I brought my water bottle and camera though because, without my water, I would’ve felt extremely dizzy from the commotion and dehydration.

I loved looking at all the posters. I think it truly showed the character of the marchers and their passions. A lesson I learned from joining the Women’s March in SF is every person’s reason to partake is unique. So much has happened in the past couple of years and there has been some concerns raised about how we respect one another. Although each reason is as unique as the participant, we all had one connection, hope. Women, men, children and everything in between know what is going on is not right. Each person has an extraordinary story that they want to be heard and hopes that someday, s/he will be heard.

A choir group was standing on the side, singing/"cat calling" to us.

A choir group was standing on the side, singing/"cat calling" to us.

My adventure that Saturday taught me the importance of standing up for our rights. It is so easy to back down from the fight because we want to be the “nice person” or don’t want to stir up drama. However, something needs to happen or else society will be complacent. As mentioned time and time again, “well-behaved women seldom make history” (Laurel Thatcher Ulrich).