My Blog got a Makeover?! Bonus: My Christmas List for 2017

Hello Readers,

Welcome back to the new and improved blog! During this holiday break, I wanted to give the site a bit of a makeover. I wanted the site to have a clean organized look with a bit of a pink flair. As a result, I fixed the layout of the page, added some new and improved tabs that categorizes the blog posts, and I fixed the fonts. Then around midnight last night, I decided that I needed to go full professional mode. As a result, I finally created a Facebook fan page for the blog which can be found here and my business Pinterest page here. Please check it out and give it some love ❤️.

I still can't believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow! It came so quick after finals and I am so not ready. In fact, I'm still waiting for my gifts from Amazon. I have never ran this late before for Christmas before and now my sibling's gifts won't arrive until Christmas Eve evening.  

Since Christmas Eve is literally tomorrow, I thought I would share with you some items that are on my holiday list. This year I chose more items than makeup and clothing products which is totally not like me! I'm not really sure if my Christmas list really has a theme per se, but it is filled with arbitrary items that I thought were cool. 

Did you see any items that are on your Christmas list too?! Let me know in the comments below! Please follow me on my Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook page and share with your friends. I hope all my followers have a wonderful holiday season❄️