10 Activities You Should Do Post Finals!

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I hope everyone has made it to their holiday destination safe and sound! I finished my last week at work and came home on Saturday to spend time with the family. So far, I’ve been home for five days and it has been so relaxing, well except for Christmas gift shopping. Although there is so much free time to do whatever I want, I still get lost on things I should be doing during my break. My mind is still in school mode where I keep having anxiety attacks about homework, ahh! To keep myself busy, I thought of some ideas of activities I could be/should be doing during the holiday break.

  1. Catch up on Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu

    1. There are so many shows that I forget to follow during the semester! Once I came home, I wrote down a list of shows I still need to watch before I go back to school in January (eg Riverdale, Game of Thrones, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend).

  2. Play Video Games with No Shame

    1. I am a huge Sims fan! A couple of weeks ago, I bought myself a new bundle for my Sims collection. I have no shame for my nerdy tendencies haha. Find your favorite video game (even an old one will do) and play a couple of games by yourself or invite some company over.

  3. Clean Up My Pinterest Boards

    1. I have a bucket list Pinterest board that I like to update on a quarterly basis. When I look at these, they motivate me to accomplish some goals I completely forgot about during the year and remind myself of things I should be doing for the following year.

  4. Create A New Year’s Goal List

    1. Speaking of bucket lists, this year actually make a new year’s goal list. Yes, I know it is technically called New Year’s Resolution, but I like the idea of a list because I can scratch off tasks I completed during the year. This year, I want to create a plan to accomplish my tasks. For example, I have a bad habit I want to break so I am going to write steps of how to avoid doing my bad habit. Make it the year that you actually follow through with your new year's solution.

  5. Catch Up On Old Hobbies

    1. OK, I admit I am one of those freaks that I like picking up activities or learning a new hobby…..but then school, work, family or friends get in the way and I completely forget about it. This break I’m going to avoid the boredom and attempt to pick up on one of my hobbies I completely forgot about.

  6. Hang Out With Family Members

    1. This is the perfect time to hang out with family members. I was at my dentist appointment and my dental hygienist told me how it gets harder throughout the years to visit family. We are only getting older, therefore, this is the perfect time to catch up with relatives and maybe mend relationships for the future.

  7. Go To a Neighboring Town and Celebrate the Holidays

    1. The same traditions in your town can be run down and not as fun as they were five years ago. Search Google for holiday events near your town. Or take a fun day trip to somewhere further. If you are in the bay area, here are some holiday festivities from Eventbrite that are both in and out of San Francisco, 

  8. Go Holiday shopping

    1. I am the queen of last minute shopping. In fact, I just finished the last of my shipping on Amazon because I have prime! So when you are home, if there are any last minute shopping you should do, do it!

  9. Catch Up With Old Friends

    1. When was the last time you contacted your high school or college friends? This would be a good time to catch up. Who knows what crazy shenanigans they have been up to.

  10. Self Care Day

    1. Treat yourself! You have no responsibilities for the next couple of weeks, so relax and enjoy yourself!

Cheers to the holidays!!

Cheers to the holidays!!

Have any other ideas you were thinking? Comment below! Thanks for your patience during my finals week. I know I got completely caught up in finals to write a blog post.

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